DigiNav offers Internet of Things (IoT) services to help our clients unlock new business opportunities. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era that is upon us, connected businesses are innovating faster than ever. Leveraging IoT connections and intelligence gives us an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt markets, create new revenue streams, and deliver better experiences. Opportunities exist across all sectors – transportation, manufacturing, energy, government, healthcare, education, and financial services – to capture untapped opportunities and realize new efficiencies through a world that is becoming more connected each day.

For each of our clients, we have helped them unlock the opportunities associated with IoT through a combination of strategic guidance, delivery support and analytical insight.


• Proven track record of successful delivered IoT projects provides an expert advice to our customers, as well as new approaches to solve critical issues and improve business performance.

• The trust capital accumulated over years of experience has given us credibility with our customers, who can call on our competence to support decisions and drive projects.

• Substantial expertise across multiple systems, platforms, and business processes provide the insight needed to provide a solution to the business situation in an objective manner.

• Our transparent, collaborative and customer-focused communication approach, provides a unique framework for each partner to maintain the confidentiality of their projects.


Mats Landstedt


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 Mikael Falkvidd

IoT consultant

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 Bjorn Welmer

VP and Head of Sales

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